Festival Survival Guide

“Nice one bruvaaaaa!” Is a phrase I didn’t think I’d miss being screamed at 3 in the morning but here I am, with post festival blues, the clanks from the slamming of porta-loo doors but a mere echo from the past.

Reading Festival 2018 was my first music festival ever and when I tell you I wasn’t ready, I mean I wasn’t ready for anything at all, not even the weather. I thought I was prepared for pretty much everything. with my travel sized first aid kit and plastic toothbrush cover clip thing but NOPE. Ya girl took a big ol’ pimp slap to the face near on the second we arrived. So, to prevent you from experiencing the same thing, here are a few tips from someone that had to learn the hard way.

Pack for all weathers

Now, looking back, I realise this is actually quite obvious but the three brain cells I had pre-fest decided that shorts would do just fine and so I froze for the entire festival. Honestly, no one to blame but myself on this one.

 You’re going to be gross and dirty, deal with it

This isn’t such a problem because batiste dry hair shampoo will always have your back but I would suggest taking some wet wipes just to help freshen up a little or, at the very least, a roll on deodorant for everyone else’s sake.

Be kind

In true Courtney fashion, I managed to injure my foot during a mosh pit to Sum 41 (guess I went in too deep) and so many people stopped to check up on me and give me a hand and it was really reassuring to feel like you’re in a safe environment because of this. Also, a lot of people are going to be under some kind of influence which can cause them to be more sensitive so yaknow, be polite and friendly to everyone there. You’re all going to have a nice time.

Stay safe

As kind as everyone I met was, keep in mind that you are essentially surrounded by 1000’s of strangers and you might be in liable positions sometimes. Not everyone has good intentions and it’s better to be safe than sorry so keep your drinks sealed, stay hydrated and if you’re going to dabble in substances, be aware of what you’re taking, only accept it from reliable sources and be prepared to deal with any negative consequences. Know your stuff and know your limits.

Pack the little things

Although I was drastically unprepared for the weather when it came to my wardrobe, I was quite ready for everything else. Bin bags, toilet roll, first aid kit, hair removal cream, money, talcum powder, sunscreen, after sun, you name it, I probably had a miniature version.

Have fun

If anything, this is probably the most important. If you’re going to a festival, try not to take yourself too seriously. Regardless of the situation with my foot/ankle, I had as much fun as I could possibly have on crutches, a lot of it due to the people I was camping with which I am incredibly grateful for.

All in all, quite an exciting new experience for me.

I think now, I’m ready for the next one.

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