Sell Out

So, looking back, three years after writing this post, I realise that this is probably the point where I stopped enjoying blogging and it became more of a chore and I had no passion to continue. Realistically, I should have stopped here and restarted but at this point, I was too scared of throwing away everything I had accomplished. Clearly, it took a little while for my mindset to fully switch.

I finally have a moment to myself with no distractions or procrastinating to be done so I figured I’d actually get my act together and update you guys on what’s been going on. As you can see, MissSophiaBlog has had a bit of a makeover, let me know what you think of the new theme and if there are any bugs that need fixing like, if it won’t let you do something or one of the links doesn’t work so that I can get it fixed as soon as possible. If you’re having a problem with commenting then please contact me.

This was written just after I’d spent A LOT of money shifting my blog to self hosted.

Any who, I hope you like the new layout, I think I’ll be back to regular posting from here on out! It’s been a busy few months, I’ve found myself another friendship group, been to a couple of small gigs, met some incredible people, there have been some tears but there’s been even more laughter and I have a whole bunch of things planned for 2017 which is exciting! However, I owe you guys a bit of an apology and this time, it’s not just from lack of activity, more lack of personality. 

Whilst sifting through my blog and getting rid of more than half the posts, I saw a shift in my writing style and topics and long story short, it ended with me crying in the corner of Costa with a cold cinnamon latte. 

I feel like I sold out. 

The thing about blogging is that it’s pretty easy to form bonds with brands, they’ll send you things to review and it’ll get the attention of more brands and so on and suddenly, before you know it, you’re flooded with all these products and deadlines and it all got a bit much so I stepped to the side for a while to take a breather. 

And I really needed that breather. 

I went back through my old posts, the reactions they received and the feedback I got, it was all so down to earth and personal and you guys loved that but somewhere along the way, I seemed to have lost myself a little to the limelight because the personal post presence thinned and the reviews and guest posts took over, I wasn’t so much a person, more another advert and I apologise for that. Honestly, I really am sorry for turning into a review version of a Jehovah’s Witness. 

But I’m back now and I have so much to write about now that I’ve lived a little in the outside world, lots of mini life lessons that I’ve learned over the past few months and so many fresh ideas to share with you guys and I really hope you’re as buzzed about it as I am. 2017 is going to be a big year for MissSophiaBlog (hopefully) I’ve made plenty of useful contacts this year and I’m diving in head first with all the projects I have in line, should be fun or at the very least, educational.

Oh my. Okay, so, 2017, I formed a friendship group where I was going to like meet and greets and meeting readers and I was in a band at one point and we literally did nothing, I got a new job, shit was wild but I fell back from the blog and everything to do with my writing pretty much went downhill from there. Other than the fact that everyone I hung around with was super musical and we had like, writing sessions with us all, it was actually quite cute.

So just to round up 2016 for MissSophiaBlog, I went to my first event, I’ve been to several meet ups, not my own but as a plus one with my friend but it was nice to get a feel for things, I’ve been invited to my first blog awards evening, Vuelio, so if you’re going, please find me and be my friend for the night! I sold out, I crashed (again, I’m like an old laptop) and I realised where I was going wrong and now, I’m setting out on correcting it so stick around and be patient, it’s gonna be like a little digital adventure! 

This entire post made me realise that I’ve wanted to restart for such a long time and now I finally got round to doing it and honestly, all I want to do these days is enjoy writing the way I used to.

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