Pretentious Ramblings #4

So we’re struck by the realisation that happy endings are held selfishly by fairy tales and shady massage parlours. You are unlikely to experience one. There will always be disruption. Always something to tug your head out of the clouds. But I am young and I hate to be pessimistic however I’ve only managed to feel so much during my life span. Though I am aware that there is plenty left to endure and that whom I thought my first love was, may not actually have been my first love. Thus, my opinion is bitter, cold and blue, casting a shadow on an affair that should be sweet, warm and pink. The juxtaposition of the underlying darkness in what should be so pure and light.

How sad.

I digress. Love could be such a wonderful thing but I wanted to warn you of the risk to begin with before dosing you up on soft sappy sedatives. For some, the idea of eating fast food whilst cuddled up on the sofa, sharing cigarettes over the park and giggling at each others stupidity is their meaning of life. They live for goofy afternoons as they watch the sunset in each others eyes – telling stories about their childhood as they slip into the abyss once the inky night falls. Some breathe for love. It is the most natural emotion humans will ever encounter, infatuation with another person is almost inevitable. But, just like all things natural; it is designed to live and then die.

For some, it is temporary and they know it but they endure it, living for experience and life’s little idiosyncrasies rather than love itself. For some, forever doesn’t mean forever. There are a thousand infinites between 1 and 2. 1.01, 1.02, 1.03 and so on. Yet, there is still a 3 and 4. One forever is not the same as all forevers and so a handful of us adore the temporary, the here and now. Conscious of the fact that it will only last so long because falling in love is easy and staying in love is hard.

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