Wholesome Things I’ve Seen This Year

Unfortunately, I didn’t quite start this year with the same outlook i’m ending it with, which means I haven’t documented every cute thing I’ve witnessed which is a shame because I would love to be able to appreciate everything over and over again. However, I suppose that almost defeats the object of living in the present but I’m still going to share with you all the snippets I can remember from 2019 that have helped lay the positive foundations for the year to come.

  • The man in Tesco’s that looked like he had just finished work and had a bunch of flowers in his hand and the biggest smile on his face
  • The little girl that told me she liked my hoodie when I was sat in Starbucks
  • The smile on the Big Issue sellers face when I bought a copy
  • The girl that went back on the path so she could ride her scooter through a puddle and make tracks
  • The picture of a cat with a butterfly on its nose that my Granddad sent me
  • My friend admiring the younger generations slang terms
  • A couple enjoying a hidden bookshop
  • A group of old ladies in a quaint coffee shop
  • A singular dimple
  • My little sister reading to me
  • My other sister and her boyfriend wearing matching tracksuits
  • The girl that smiled at me at the train station
  • The stranger I met at the train station that invited me to his birthday party

Seeing the list this short and knowing so much more made me smile this year, so many little, simple moments, makes me want to make sure I document them better next year so I have more to look back on and admire and with how the end of the year is turning out, I’m sure there will be plenty small memories made.

There is so much to love in this world. It really is the little things.

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