Dear Lacey… Life Is More About Perspective Than About Circumstance

A guy gets into a car crash, steps out and starts raging about how his day couldn’t get any worse. The guy in the other car responds to the situation by counting his blessings and appreciating the fact that no one got hurt.

Same circumstance, two different perspectives.

It’s often easier to be guy number one, he’s a “glass-half-empty” type of character,, the sort to consistently wallow in their own pity party, thinks complaining is a personality trait and has no other interesting conversation topic other than moaning about anything and everything.

He’s more than a Debbie-downer, he’s a soul draining nob and we’ve all had the misfortune of keeping one of them around longer than we should have.

Don’t be like guy number one.

Guy number two is generally quite happy, he knows how to find the silver lining to every rain cloud that pisses on his parade. He’s more than aware that things could certainly be worse so he is thankful when they aren’t and most importantly, he is appreciative.

Guy number two emits a positive aura and frankly, I know I’d rather be around that energy.

How you see things and how you respond to situations you’re forced to face is important because they will play a large part in shaping your future. Being happy and grateful for what you have will attract that exact vibe, you won’t disregard the good in your life in search for something better because you know exactly what you already possess. This leaves people feeling loved, you’re capable of enjoying the little things in life to a greater extent and overall, just being content with the hand you are dealt, all whilst having the attitude to strive for more because you want better for yourself, not better in general.

You woke up this morning, somebody else didn’t. Honour that by doing your best to remain happy. Be the light in someone’s life, even if it’s your own. We’re surrounded by bad news all the time so it might be hard to try and turn your perspective around but think of it like this; your mentality is like a muscle, it gets stronger the more you work it out. The problem is the weight and the positivity is the effort you put behind the lift. When you practice looking at the brighter side of life, negativity is much easier to shrug off and if you don’t know where to start in regards to enforcing the positive outlook, wake up each morning and think of three things you have to be happy about, big or small, it will set you off on the right foot, I promise.

I love you.

Good luck, Moosh.

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