Dear Lacey… Happiness is a Choice

It has taken me many tear stained pillows and drunken nights of over sharing to realise that everyday, I wake up with the same 24 hours as everyone else and if I choose to spend them watching tik toks and doing nothing to improve my life then that’s my decision to make because how I use those hours is down to me. And contrary to popular belief, how I decide to feel in those 24 hours is also down to me.

It’s all about mindset.

Everyday I wake up and I choose to be happy. I’m not always productive, I don’t always do the things I should be doing but I make an active effort to ensure I’m happy. It’s a freeing feeling to fully realise that in every aspect of your life, you have more control than you think. You can decide to let things go that you can’t change and you can decide to sit down for ten minutes every morning and go over the little things you appreciate. This teeny tiny exercise can and will help mould your thought process to see things in a more positive light and I encourage you to perform it.

I’ve done my time, wallowing in eccentric pity parties I’ve thrown for myself, wondering why things don’t just sort themselves out. I was always asking “why me?” when things went wrong rather than coming to terms with every mishap as quickly as I could so I was a step closer to fixing the issue. I wasted a lot of time in my head just feeling sorry for myself rather than taking responsibility and holding myself accountable for my mindset.

As I mentioned before in a previous post, life is more about perspective than it is circumstance and if you make the conscious decision to be happy then it is much easier to look at life from a “glass half full” kind of angle. Don’t waste energy stressing over an outcome you can’t alter, instead, move along and focus on other things. Life really is only as difficult as we make it.

The universe will often give back to us what we put into it so when you carry yourself with a cheerful aura, you’ll notice things slipping into place and less problems having a negative impact on your day. So wake up, smile, remember that your happiness is a choice and do your bit making the world a better place.

I love you, Moosh x

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