Five Animals That Shouldn’t Exist But They Do And It Blows My Mind

The world is full of the weird and wonderful and sometimes, the downright ludicrous. When you think about it, there are so many things that have no right being around but they are. Just out there, vibing. So I’ve compiled a little list because I like lists. And I needed something to post this week.

Platypus – These little fellas should be the top of every weird animals that exist list because honestly, what’s that about? They’re mammals but they lay eggs for one. For two, they look like a bunch of animals have been tossed into a generating machine with their duck bills and their beaver tails and to top it off, the males are venomous. Fabulous. Just what this world needs, more toxic men.

Jellyfish – They’re essentially just spicy flesh blobs when you narrow it down. They’re not even technically fish, nor jelly, so the whole name is misleading. Everything about this sea creature is deceiving because they look squishy and fun but they’re anything but. I can understand why Dora got herself hurt.

Irrawaddy Dolphins – If a beluga whale and a standard bottle nose had a baby, an Irrawaddy Dolphin is what it would look like. Have you ever seen that meme of the duck with the human mouth? That’s essentially what this is.

Sloths – They’re the celery of the animal kingdom; nice to spruce up a salad but supply absolutely no nutritional value. Yet, it’s the animal I relate to most on a spiritual level. That or a dog, just happy to be around.

Venus Fly Trap – Now, I know what you’re thinking “Courtney, that’s a plant” and you’re not wrong but why are these necessary? We already have spiders, we really don’t need a plant that EATS THINGS. Why can’t it just photosynthesise like the others? Attention Seeker.

And that’s my list of animals that I don’t think should exist, thanks for coming to my TED Talk. Also, I know there’s a picture of a duck and ducks aren’t on this list but if I’m being completely honest, I didn’t want to find a picture on the internet because I’d have to cite it, nor did I want to purchase a Venus Fly Trap for the sake of this post so say hello to one of the quacky boys I like to feed.

Tell me what you think your spirit animal is and why in the comments or let me know about anymore strange creatures you don’t think should exist.

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