Things My Friends and I Have Said Taken Out Of Context #2

As I said, I’ve had the list for a very long time so I have enough quotes to stretch out over a couple parts. I’m not sure if anyone even enjoyed the first part because this is prewritten about a month in advance but just in case they made someone smile, here’s some more.

“Oi, you ever thought about being a sat-nav?”

“Were you brought up in a trap house?”

“There’s a girl sat next to me.”

“I rode a camel once, some guy just picked me up and put me on it.” “You mean you almost got kidnapped.”

“Shall we sit at a table?” “Can’t, I’m driving.”

“Cat in the Hat is a cinematic time piece.”

“I’m not even a fucking redhead. It’s Bordeaux!”

“Why does that bag look like a naked chicken?”

“Your mum eats cat food.”

“I smacked a cow earlier and it did fuck all. Just stood there and looked at me.”

“Takes my vape away from me mate, that’s it mate, game over mate.”

“Why isn’t B1 coming out?”

“If i’m such a shit sat-nav Josh, why don’t you direct him?”

“What? Do you lot make croissants and that?”

“Have you stroked my lampshade yet?”

“I’ve been drinking wood chip.”

“Happy squared.”

“I feel like a pork chop in my fishnets.” “A sexy pork chop.”

“I like a banana with a crunch to it.”

“Fran, you’re actually the dumbest yute I know.”

There will be more of these next month, I might even explain some of them if people are intrigued. We’ll put the out of context, into context.

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