Dear Lacey… Don’t Let Other People’s Cruelty Kill Your Compassion

It’s easy to get sucked into a sense of selfish entitlement these days. To feel hard done by if you get bullied or even just mad at the world because life can be a little difficult every now and then.

I’ve been this person, the same way I’ve been just about every other person according to previous blog posts. I haven’t always been as kind as I could have been and I certainly haven’t been as compassionate as I should have been in the past. I’ve been angry and vengeful and spiteful and the only person it’s ever affected long term is me.

This can be partially to blame for the fact that I spent so much time on the internet, exposed to ignorance and a lot of negativity and as a result, I became very desensitised because toxic traits can be incredibly romanticised on social media and partially because I did at one point have the mindset of “if other people aren’t nice, why should I be?”

The answer to this is simple; how other people treat me doesn’t define my character, it defines them.

The whole world is in pain right now, for one reason or another, and I just want to drill it home for you that a little kindness can go such a long way for someone that is having a bad day. There are too many reasons to be sad and I don’t want your behaviour towards others to be one of them.

It can be difficult sometimes because if you’re always known as the person that is kind to everyone, there are going to be people that try to take advantage of that. Don’t let that stop you, you’ll learn where to set boundaries but the main thing you have to stick to is that if you’re not going majorly out of your way for someone and you don’t feel like you absolutely have to do something when you don’t want to then there is no reason as to why you can’t be known as the nicest person anyone has ever met.

That’s a title you should aim for and believe me, people will notice it. Where I work at the moment, my boss’s daughter, Scarlett is quite possibly the most genuine and kindest person I’ve ever been around and not only that but the way people speak about her is so sweet, you get a second hand sense of pride just for knowing her. Be like that.

Being mean isn’t big and it isn’t clever and it doesn’t make you better than anyone. Tell that girl you like her shoes, talk to the boy that eats lunch on his own, share people’s art and music and writing. Little things add up so quickly.

Our generation is currently cementing the path for what will hopefully be a better future for your generation and I implore you to have a strong sense of compassion and a decent set of morals so you can carry on our work in the right direction.

Be understanding, be mindful, be compassionate, be better and most importantly, be kind.

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