Things My Friends and I Have Said Taken Out Of Context #4

And so it continues…

“Stop mugging your kids off.”

“I wanna go get Mac and Cheese later.”

“Why are you wearing a shoelace as a seat-belt?”

“I’m having a heart attack.” “Have some Dr Pepper bruv, calm down.”

“John loves Westlife.”

“We don’t do Big Dick Energy. It’s Large Chud Spirit.”

“She eats marmite from the jar.”

“You smell like toast.” “Yeah, because he’s all about that bread.”

“And that’s why I’ve joined the gym, because I want to go on Love Island.”

“Oh yeah, Courtney, because you’re creative, I’m probably like your wet dream.”

“My forehead is tingly.”

“Gang spanked.”

“Alexa, I fucking love you.”

“£140,000 is a lot to owe someone. I’d be fuming if someone owed me £1.40.”

“Imagine if giraffes walked on two legs. They’d be like extra long kangaroos.”

“He was a paramedic and now he drives trains.”

“You walk into his room yeah and it just smells of sock.”

“I can be like talk to Frank. Just don’t talk to me.”

“Yes Steve, let me just climb in the back of your transit van so you can spit on me.”

“Wait, what was I talking about?” “I don’t know, I think you said something about garlic bread.”

I love going through these and just remembering the day they were said and how funny they were at the time. As a nostalgic person, I appreciate these small triggers for good times.

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