Things My Friends and I Have Said Taken Out Of Context #6

Back at it again with your monthly taster of “things my friends have said that I’ve taken out of context”.

“This is how dedicated I am, I’m creasing my Nikes for you.”

“Get off your phone so you can concentrate on my driving please.”

“I wonder if McDonalds have a New Years Eve countdown and they eat a burger when it hits midnight.”

“What’s wrong with fingerless gloves? Look at the grip I have on this can.”

“Why did you go skinhead?” “Because I went mental.”

“Ah mate, nature’s sick.”

“Megaladon? I’ve heard of the film ‘Mega Don’ that’s about me.”

“I would take advice from that goat.”

“Your dad’s got some thin head.”

“Do you fancy my dad?” “He’s alright.”

“For the first time in history, since your house has been built, your room is not roasting.”

“Who the fuck decided that the ‘On’ logo was designed like that?”

“Bruv, who are Radio Times and why are they rating Ali G three stars?”

“So it’s like, 1am and I’m downstairs, eating dry cereal and crying because I can’t open the pickle jar.”

“That is one big ol’ hill.”

“He looks like Avatar.”

“So you saw a giraffe.”

“What if it’s not a bin, it’s modern art?”

“This is a fucking long walk.” “Yeah, nice one dickhead.”

“I asked him if he gets his arsehole waxed?”

If anyone is finding these amusing, let me know if you want me to expand on any of the quotes. I hope you all have a wonderful day making memories.

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