Things My Friends and I Have Said Taken Out Of Context #8

As always with these posts, let me know if you’re interested in me expanding on any of these quotes. Also, I’m sorry they’re not Christmas themed, I wish I had some for this month. There’s always next year.

“Limps Fuchs… It’s Limp Bizkit’s German cousin, Ich Bin Rollin.”

“Bruv, give birth to a lobster and I’ll eat it.”

“A for real, you never had one before?”

“You’d know where the door is, you just can’t get out.”

“That ain’t a car. That’s a broomy broom, vroom vroom machi- bruv, don’t write that down.”

“I just feel like it does something to the water.”

“I’m gonna boil your jumper. What you making? Your life hell.”

“Was that a police car?” “Nah, Susan just left her bus pass at home.”

“Did you see that potato with glasses?”

“I’d definitely go to Wholefoods after committing a crime.”

“Who says ‘Good Morning’ at half one?”

“My ducks died.”

“I asked for Cauli cheese soup, not a burger.”

“There’s no sauce, tell them there’s no sauce!”

“Oi, turn the car down a bit.”

“Is that a pickled egg or a candle?”

“Oi, you lot know about train tickets, yeah?”

“I’ve heard that sound in a Macky G song.”

“Did you just slap your own arse?” “No, whatever you just saw is a lie, you don’t have your glasses on.”

“That is Happy Feet.” “No, it’s a toy, the penguin from Happy Feet was animated.”

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