Life is for Living

There is nothing that brings me more joy than trying to spread a little happiness amongst strangers that might need it.

I’ve been neglecting my blog so there are probably only two of you reading this but that’s okay, I hope it makes you both smile.

At the moment, I’ve really enjoyed just going for walks and thinking about all the things I appreciate. I would advise everyone do it. Because there really are loads of things to smile about, but you have to smile about the smallest things.

Things like the sun on your shoulders or how the wind feels on your face. It’s that smell just after it rains and locking out the noise of traffic with your favourite song.

Or listening to the birds.

The simplest things that fade into the exhaustive background noise that you never even realise is there until you try to listen for it.

Sometimes I look around and if I’m walking through streets I grew up playing on, I always find it weird to think that I’ve been in some of those houses before the people that live there currently. I wonder what they’ve changed with the decoration and what kind of people they are. I hope they’re making as many happy memories as me and my friends made on the street.

I think about how fast all that time passed. Life moves so fucking fast.

And I realise that it goes fast no matter what I’m doing.

And it isn’t going to slow down.

So sometimes, when I’m sad over minor things, I think about that. I think about what a waste of time it is to be sad about anything when I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by so much to make me happy. Eventually, it begins to feel rather ridiculous to feel sad at all.

And I’ll go for a walk.

And I think about things.

And I climb trees, with my earphones in and watch the people on the field walking their dogs.

Sometimes it feels like a rush to consider the fact that the chances of even existing, and being the person I am were so small. Gratitude will change your entire perspective. It may be raining and you only have a hoodie and your feet are wet from accidentally stepping in a puddle. But eventually, you’ll get home and put warm clothes on so it doesn’t really matter. And getting into that warmth will feel ten times better because you’re soaked through.

Your friends cancelled your plans at the last minute and you were really looking forward to it but at least now you can spend your day carrying out self care or you could read a book or go feed some ducks. Some really dumb, simple shit.

Be happy.

Even for just snippets at a time.

It might not rid you of anything but it will make you about 10% happier and that’s always better than nothing.

Take shit pictures of sunsets, go to a gig on your own if none of your friends want to go with you. Spend money on books even though you already have a big collection because you can never have too many. Have a conversation with someone you miss. Go through your wardrobe and get rid of anything you haven’t worn for three months. Declutter. Buy a plant and watch it grow each day.

Do everything and anything that makes you happy because tomorrow is never promised and I don’t want you to miss out on what this world really has to offer.

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