Hello, I’m Courtney.

I started writing as a hobby when I was around 12. I haven’t put the pen down since. When I was 15, I started my first blog called MissSophiaBlog. It was the best decision I’d ever made. I ran that blog for 7 years, it was my pride and joy, I worked with amazing companies, went to some incredible ceremonies and have formed strong friendships over the years but as I grew and changed, my blog did not grow and change with me. I had a criteria to stick to, people came to my blog expecting certain posts… Posts I didn’t like writing anymore.

One day, around mid May, 2019. I decided enough was enough, there was no point in doing anything I didn’t enjoy. So I kissed MissSophiaBlog goodbye and had a good think about why I started writing and why I no longer enjoyed writing as MissSophiaBlog. The answer was I lacked passion and when you lack passion in something creative, your art becomes meaningless. It has no backbone. I wanted to start again, as a real person rather than a circle trying to squeeze into a square space.

I wanted to start again.

So hello, I’m Courtney.

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that I know nothing and I believe in doing what you want so long as you don’t hurt anyone and it truly makes you happy. I just like to write.